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Linear G Wireless Internet Services

Can't get ADSL? Why not try wireless?

Linear G offers business and domestic grade wireless internet links. Specifically, the technology we refer to here is a line of sight wireless antenna installed on your roof, about the size of a lunch box. This delivers a more consistent service than other wireless solutions and might be considered the closest technology to a normal ADSL connection in the way it performs.

Line of sight wireless is:

  • Location based: meaning you can access your internet at the location where it is installed.
  • Phone line free: You do not require an activated phone line to access line of sight wireless internet.
  • Literally a line of sight technology so you will be able to access this service if the location has direct line of sight with one of our wireless towers.

Line of sight wireless is not:

  • Internet delivered via satalite,
  • A USB modem
  • A wireless modem (but you can access your internet service wirelessly around the premises if you use a wireless modem with line of sight wireless.)
  • Line of sight wireless is not delivered via a mobile phone network, it is delivered via our own private wireless network.
Linear G  Fixed Wireless Plans 
75GB 100GB
512/128 kbps
1024/256 kbps
$39.95 $49.95 $55.95 Ask
2048/384 kbps $49.95 $59.95
$65.95 Ask


Connection fee $150.00
Connection fee plus modem $269.00

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