These plans are available Australia wide (bundles subject to Telstra Zoning No.1)

ADSL or ADSL2+ Minimum Cost Included Data cost per GB
Standard 25GB* $49.95 $599.40 $2.00
Giant 50GB $69.95 $839.40 $1.40
Extreme 100GB $79.95 $959.40 $0.80
Monster 250GB $89.95 $1079.40 $0.36
Elite 500GB $109.95 $1319.40 $0.23
Ultimate 1000GB $119.95 $1439.40 $0.12



Reason Fee
Activation Fee $110.00
Transfer – Fast Churn $40.00
Line Speed Change $15.00
Early Cancellation Fee (Less than 12 months) $110.00
Modem configuration: Light tech support Free
Modem configuration: We do it for you $29.00


ADSL Hardware Cost
Billion BiPAC 7700NL Wireless/Four Port: NOT Configured $89.00
Netcomm NB604 Basic ADSL 2+: Configured $99.00
Netcomm NB604N ADSL 2+ 4 Port Wifi: Configured $159.00


Additional Services Cost
Business Static IP (business grade ADSL only) FREE


All prices listed are inclusive of GST.

All connections are shaped to 256 kbits/s (Residential) after the download quota has been reached in any single calendar month.

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